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I have 165 and still can expand crew slots further. ... Star Trek Timelines. ... it's just not enough to buy anything other than free spins to farm for more crew that ...

Factions/Federation | Star Trek Timelines Wikia | FANDOM… Faction Centre: Earth. See also: Federation on Memory Alpha. Always Available: 6x Federation Transmission +1 per increase in Reputation level. Unlock Slots 6 & 7: Allied Unlock Slots 8 & 9: Honored. Missions are randomly selected when answering a Transmission. GAMING :: TrekCore | Star Trek Timelines: Game Guide In STAR TREK TIMELINES, you assemble a dream team from Star Trek, including the original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space NineMore stars means overall higher skills, like Enterprise-D Picard's skills in Command, Diplomacy, and Science. Each crew member has four Equipment [3] slots. New Features for Timelines | Crew Slots Star Trek Timelines, in the coming days, will see its largest update yet with the release of version 1.6.0. Jam-packed with bug fixes, quality-of-lifeEach faction shop will now have a slot where crew aligned with that faction can be purchased for dilithium. These crew will be randomly selected every... Player-run community for the hit mobile game, Star Trek

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Apr 25, 2019 ... All players start with a total of 85 Crew Slots. If you start to run out, you can purchase more by tapping the + sign at the bottom-right... Crew - Star Trek Timelines Wiki A person can unlock more crew slots from: ... The tables below shows how many crew slots you may gain from both methods. How many crew slots are you working with? How do you manage them ...

VIP is a points system used to encourage people to spend real money on Star Trek Timelines. VIP points can be gained with every Dilithium purchase, and are arranged in levels with different privileges, such as larger crew limits and the ability to purchase more ship scans and chronitons per day.

Crew play an important role in Star Trek Timelines.Crew are placed in battle stations on ships or assigned to away missions.Each mission begins with players selecting crew for an ship combat or away team, with different crew being better suited for different situations. Star Trek Timelines :: Let’s talk about crew slots! Greetings, Captains! It is our pleasure to announce that today we’ve added 5 more tiers of purchasable crew slots for a total of 63 purchasable tiers! We hope that you’ll enjoy this expansion to crew quarters. Did you know that we now have over 700 different characters in STAR TREK TIMELINES? That felt like a good occasion to grant 5 additional crew slots to all Captains, so we went ahead ... 3.0, crew sale slot and more! : StarTrekTimelines - reddit DISCOVERY CELEBRATION CREW SLOT SALE In celebration of the forthcoming release of Star Trek: Discovery, we will be giving every Captain 10 FREE crew slots-but that’s not all! Beginning Wednesday at Noon ET (09:00 PT, 16:00 UTC), all crew slots will be on sale for half price until Friday at Noon ET (9:00 PT, 16:00 UTC). Star Trek Timelines Events, Captain’s Guides and Livestreams

Learn how you can save the Federation from holoprograms running amok, and earn special and rare rewards. Also arriving with Star Trek Timelines 1.0.6 are numerous quality-of-life improvements like filters to help you quickly find the crew you need and the ability to purchase more crew slots.

star trek timelines - What happens when your crew is full and ... What happens when your crew is full and you're awarded a new crew member? ... You have the option to buy 5 more crew slots for 250000 credits ... tagged star-trek ... Bridge officer - Official Star Trek Online Wiki